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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long will it take to see results using your services ?

A1. Many factors play a part in this but on average you can expect to see positive results within 45-60 days.

Q2. Why is there a limit of 1 web page and 4 themed keywords at any one time ?

A2. To achieve quick results with a view to then adding more keywords after, we have found this is just the right balance to give maximum results within reasonable times.

Q3. Do you accept all types of websites ?

A3. No, we do not accept: adult, weapon, hate, racist, gambling, drug site or anything that could cause offence or be considered immoral, it just doesn’t sit well with us to promote such topics. If you´re in any doubt if your site would be accepted, please contact us before creating an account so we may review it for you.

Q4. How long am I tied into your service ?

A4. Our service is provided on a month by month basis meaning you can cancel at any time simply giving us 30 days notice.

Q5. If I cancel my account will you remove all the links you have created for my website ?

A5. No, we provide permanent links which are yours forever. We would only remove links if an order was found to be fraudulent.

Q6. Why don´t you show me the links that have been created for my website ?

A6. It has taken a long time to build up 1000s of quality websites so we like to keep our site network private to protect the integrity of the network for the benefit of our customers. We simply ask all customers to wait for 45-60 days and then see if they are happy with their choice to use us. We´re sure you´ll be very happy that you decided to give our services a try.

Q7. My ranking has been getting better and better for months, but this month I dropped a few places, why is this ?

A7. The path to a high ranking is rarely a straight line and it is perfectly normal for fluctuations when you are racing to the top of the results. After you´ve been on page 1 for awhile the fluctuations will reduce but always be present to some degree. This is just how the search engines work.

Q8. I am now on page 1, which is great and I have changed my keywords and web page to promote those now. Will I always be on page 1 for my original keywords now ?

A8. Your rank depends on what those around you are achieving for the same keyword. Once you reach page 1 you may only be a little more powerful than those you just beat, or you may be much more powerful. Once you stop getting links after some time, depending on how much more powerful you were compared to those around you, you may start to drop back down. If this happens you´ll see it in your free monthly ranking report and can change your keywords back to push them up again. So when you reach page 1 you have two options a) move to other keywords immediately and if the original keywords drop move back to those or b) once you reach page 1, keep the keywords for a little longer, for example a month, to ensure the gap between you and the competitors is bigger which will mean it will stay on page 1 longer.

Q9. My website is brand new and not even in any search engines yet, can I still benefit from your services ?

A9. Certainly, it just may take an extra few weeks to see results compared to a website that is already in the search engines that´s all. We check all sites to see if they have any web pages in the search engines and if they don’t, we will put links on 3 x pagerank 7 pages to your site for free until your site is listed.

Q10. I have seen websites offering to submit my website to 2000 search engines for $10/£10 – why does your ranking report only take rankings from Google, Yahoo! & Bing ?

A10. Whilst there maybe 2000 small and insignificant search engines that virtually no one uses, that generate next to zero traffic, we do not see these as being beneficial to our customers. Most of the search engine traffic comes from Google, Yahoo! & Bing however if you would like your report to contain any other search engines then please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Q11. Can I change my site and / or keywords and if so how much does this cost ?

A11. Yes you can change these as often as you like free of charge.

Q12. How do I make changes to my account ?

A12. When you create your account, after it’s been reviewed by one of our SEO professionals you’ll receive your account details which includes a security code. To make any changes on your account you simply contact our support staff detailing the changes with your security code. The security code is to stop any unauthorised changes to your account.

Q13. Are there any other costs apart from the $59/£39 a month ?

A13. No, none at all.

Q14. What payment options do you accept ?

A14. We use PayPal therefore can take all major credit and debit cards as well as direct PayPal payments.

Q15. Can I resell your services ?

A15. Certainly, we have many professional SEO agencies around the world that resell our services either as a stand alone service to their customers or as part of their other SEO strategies. Please see our reseller page for more information about our reseller services.

Q16. What countries can I target with your services ?

A16. Currently you can target the USA, UK, Canada & Australia – if you wish to target any other areas please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Q17. Can I target multiple countries at the same time ?

A17. No, you can only target one country at a time. For example if you wished to target the USA & UK, you would start by targeting the biggest market first (as the success in the bigger market helps the speed when working on the smaller market) ie first you would target the USA, then once on page 1 move to the UK.

Q18. Could I get penalised by the search engines for using your services ?

A18. Not at all. It is impossible to hurt a website from any link to it, let alone high quality one way permanent links we create. Our services are completely risk free.
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